Friday, 18 March 2016

Batman Vs Superman

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It’s finally here!! the last film of the 1st quarter of 2016 Batman Vs Superman. 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters this Thursday/Friday, an anticipated blockbuster for over 4 decades , rated 9.4/10 by IMDB finniest movie critics, born from the ages of the black & White TV sets, an event film that my 10-year-old self wanted but could never have imagined would actually happen. So what did I think of the movie? What did I like? What did I have problems with?  If you call me tonight at 23:59.30secs I will tell you my spoiler-free reaction to the film.  So if you’ve seen the trailers, feel free to proceed without any worry of plot points as all I can say is Yes.. Absolutely Yes.

I have less than 24hours to go before I get the chance to tell you all about my Batman Vs Superman experience… this was like no other movie I had seen before.  The dawn of Justice takes you far away into that place we call Hollywood, were everything is just perfect and for a few hours you forget it’s all just a movie…or is it!!

Warner Bros. has notably been very selective in inviting press to early screenings of this film.  Last week screening for Exhibitors and members from the media were forced to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), which was very unusual.  None of the attending press were allowed guests, which again, was unusual, and it’s not because the theater was packed — the theater we saw the film in appeared to be more than half empty as the lights went down we knew the wait was over.

P.s- Advise your guests to have their toilet break before the film starts and to purchase two large popcorns, one shawama, one hotdog, two packs of maltesers and two long throat pet coke bottles as Zack Snyder knows how to start a movie with a bang and ends with a…. :)

Batman and Superman Villains Through the Years


 Director : Zack Synder

Writers : Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer

Stars : Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams

Genres: Action | Adventure | Fantasy


Following his titanic struggle against General Zod, Metropolis has been razed to the ground and Superman is the most controversial figure in the world. While for many he is still an emblem of hope, a growing number of people consider him a threat to humanity, seeking justice for the chaos he has brought to Earth. As far as Bruce Wayne is concerned, Superman is clearly a danger to society. He fears for the future of the world with such a reckless power left ungoverned, and so he dons his mask and cape to write Superman's wrongs. The rivalry between them is furious, fueled by bitterness and vengeance, and nothing can dissuade them from waging this war. However, a dark new threat arises in the form of a third man: one who has a power greater than either of them to endanger the world and cause total destruction!

Did you know?

Ben Affleck asked Christian Bale for any advice he could give about playing Batman. Bale told him to "make sure you can piss in that suit." The two men met quite by accident in a costume shop. They were both buying a Batman costume for their kids. 

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Ben Affleck said he was warned by Warner Bros. about the possible negative reaction to his casting and was advised to remain off the Internet after the casting announcement. He also said to assuage his concerns the studio showed him negative comments that fans had initially made to previous superhero castings. Affleck said in spite of the studio warnings he still checked out an online message board. The first comment he read was "Affleck as Batman? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" After seeing that he immediately went offline. 

Henry Cavill put on twice the amount of muscle mass for this film than he did for Man of Steel (2013). His trainer said that it was possible because Cavill had kept up a lot of his Superman fitness regiment in the break between the two films, so they were able to build on that foundation and achieve an even bigger body this time around.

A rough cut of the film was shown for the executives at Warner Bros. They were reportedly so impressed that they not only gave the film a standing ovation, but also began negotiating a deal with Ben Affleck to have him make three solo Batman movies, rather than the original plan to make only one.


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