Friday, 1 July 2016

Independence Day : Resurgence

Hello All,

We always knew they were coming back.  It’s been 20 years since the young fresh prince from Bell Air took on the advanced and unprecedented Alien force that threaten to wipe out our very existence.  It took all the Nations of Earth to collaborate an immense defense program to protect our green Planet.

FilmOne, our beloved sister company in collaboration with 20 Century Fox Studios has finally J brought a mega category A Blockbuster franchise that is certain to break the opening weekend of any title in Nigeria in the last decade.  Big Brother will make certain that it does. 

Make no mistake people, we are at War!! At War to be the biggest Cinema Chain in Africa, At War to be the best distribution Company in this region, At War to deliver the best in exceptional See.It experience, for we will not stand by and hide in the shadows, for we will set the standards and pace for the new cinematic era,  for we convinced an entire Country that Filmhouse/FilmOne are the King and Queen of this league, We sacrifice for each other no matter the cost, for we will define a new era in entertainment, and that is worth fighting for…. TODAY we celebrate FilmOne’s Independence Day. 

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