Thursday, 1 September 2016

Friends, welcome to the first Filmhouse IMAX West Africa.

Dear All,

What is failure! Is failure towered over other men’s successes…the glory and memory of men will always belong to the ones who follow their great visions, the greatest of these are the ones we now call the Filmhouse old school generals. #Ezekielogunlekeforeverinourhearts..

Born from a white sheet of paper, zero collateral with a massive appetite of hope and a better tomorrow, we created an empire of magnificent towers stretch across West Africa, the great Alexander (Megus Alexandrous) would knee before.

IMAX movie experience can be best described as a brilliant way to teleport yourself into a different story where you have a different life in a different place with a whole lot of different people.
The movies depicts the good, funny, exciting, clever, hilarious, spellbinding, action packed with a touch of romance, cool futuristic and enjoyable mind-bogging, Feel. it, experience.

To the Filmhouse family, the countdown is over.  Brace yourself as the lights go down, the whole theater gets quiet, you are in the perfect seat, you hear buzzes and watch small screens flicker off around you as people shut down all connections to the outside world.

The first studio logo fills the screen, and as you sit in silence with a group of strangers, you begin your escape from the real world, you let yourself feel vulnerable; you experience a dream, the multiplex and big IMAX theater with their screen of blockbusters, explosions, and stunning visual effects are grand. 

Friends, welcome to the first Filmhouse IMAX West Africa.



  1. Friends, Welcome to the World's most immersive experience! You've not really seen that film until you've sen it on an IMAX screen!