Saturday, 22 October 2016

Oloibiri : Action Thriller

Oloibiri, City of the Living.  Crown jewel of Gunpowder (RMD) Nollywoods Finest.  Home of Timipre (Olu Jacobs) Nollywood Veteran, a native to the town were oil was first discovered in commercial quantity Nigeria.    

…a movie in commemoration of 60 years of commercial oil exploration in Nigeria.  

Gunpowder engages in violent struggle in protest to the squalid living conditions in his community despite their oil wealth; accusing Timipre’s generation of doing nothing whilst their land was exploited and plundered. 

It has been said that they are part of an ancient secret society.  For over six decades they have guarded the community and town of Oloibiri. They were sworn at manhood to do any and all in their power to stop the exploits of outsiders, and they were willing to risk life itself.

The booking department presents one of the most anticipated Nollywood title of 2016…{Oloibiri}


Remi [FBM]

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