Saturday, 5 November 2016

Spectacular November for all movie lovers

Hello All,

Welcome to the month of November.

The month of November promises to be a spectacular one for all movie fanatics.  I have picked out seven titles to bring in maximum gross box office to all our cinemas.

So!! Before I get into it, this week’s gossip column will be a mixture of movie quotes from past/present, mashed up, remixed and dished out to define our anticipations of November titles.

With psychotropic superhero origin story Doctor Strange is aiming not just to blow your mind, but to expand it.  Far Far away in the darkest part of space, they traveled with the speed of light towards the blue planet as they planned their arrival on the notion of “we come in peace”.  The beasts of the fantastic age of the Harry Porter series we yet again be called upon to deliver swift justice to the unexpected arrivals, which will in turn gives birth to a Nation in the time of Kunta-kinte 1750.

Mercedes Benz saloon cars of the 1976 model, driven by Generals, designed with bullet holes and showcased in the National history museum.  It is perhaps one of the greatest tales by moon light that depicts real life event, that has become a tourist attraction for dinner dates and keeping up with the joneses.

So, as I often say! Whatever the case may be, however the week is going, everyone needs a little relaxation time as often as possible and it remains our pleasure to offer you that and so much more, because your comfort remains our priority. Until next week stay blessed.

Remi [FBM]

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