Wednesday, 29 March 2017

John Wick: Chapter 2

Hello All,

We are meant to believe that shadows only appear in front, behind and sideways, but never on top.  You are about to discover a new believe.

With the titular character ably portrayed by #Mrshadow as the quintessential and confident bad-ass, trigger happy, gun loving and  lonely character, the surrounding cast also held their chin high as they displayed true class in every scene.

While the world of movie making may have changed, one thing remains constant: action movies.  Are you ready for what is coming, are you ready for were we are going #MDJ But you better make sure you’ve made room for the glorious world of broken bones, covert operations, and killer instinct that make action flicks the ultimate in the movie watching.
The beauty of flicks like John Woo's undisputed classic Hard Boiled is that they're able to mask otherwise mundane, seen-it-before plots by simply blowing our minds in presentation. 

Filmhouse, do you know what makes a good action movie? A retired assassin with a double identity, an organization known to harbor crime in the dark corners of the underworld, a Customized black blazers from Tm Lewin, and one hell of a sexy bad a** mustang 2017 model.  Yes!! His back in another chapter in Moscow.

Filmhouse/FilmOne, the booking department presents John wick Chapter 2


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