Friday, 28 July 2017


Hello All,

We are back!! Perhaps more confused than usual.  It suddenly dawn on me what many might refer to as a writer’s block, lack of inspiration, passion and the drive to imagine/create the extraordinary.  Where does it all come from? Have you ever wondered what if all that we have been thought, all that we know to true, turns out to be a lie of the greatest story ever told.

Welcome to week 31.  It is a question that we humans have asked for centuries and greatest minds of the human race are still searching for an answer.  “Where do we come from”.

In the vast shadow of space lies a city like non in the known Universe. Occupied with living species of superior intellect and technologies of unknown origin.  It is a city with no name, a city with no Presidents, no Commander in chief, no Emperors, no Evans, no Diezani and no Great Wall!!  It is a city of a thousand planets which brings me back to my confused state of mind.  {If we are created in his image, then who created them}.

So, as I often say! whatever the case may be, however the week is going, everyone needs a little relaxation time as often as possible and it remains our pleasure to offer you that and so much more, because your comfort remains our priority. Until next week, stay blessed.

Remi Adeyanju,

GM IMAX/Filmbooking

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