Friday, 17 November 2017


Hello All,
The wait is over.  It’s been 20 years after the death of Superman.  The cold winter seasons never seem to go away… The World as we know it, has turned into dark depression.  The vigilante known as the Batman graces the silver-screens once more in DC’s third installment in Justice League.

I will start with a confession: I am really not that into comic books.  Although I have long-since come to accept that I am a fully-formed old-man…, I was a late comer to the comic book party.  Growing up, it was only Voltron legendary defender, Super-Ted, and Danger Mouse (and, to a lesser extent, Spiderman, Batman) on NTA that drew my attention to the glamorous clamour of the world of superheroes.
After viewing the title in an Exhibitors screening yesterday, I can confirm that Justice League will hit the $1 Billion GBO forecast as it has everything from comedy that keeps you smiling like you just won the lottery ticket, to breath taking action scenes.  One thing you need to do when watching “Justice League” is to forget BVS in the franchise.  As far as I am concerned, BVS never happened.
It’s safe to say that; DC has left no stone unturned and have done a brilliant job in bringing all the superheroes characters from Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, to snarky speedster Barry Allen/Flash, to sassy fish-whisperer Arthur Curry/Aquaman and surly human machine Victor Stone/Cyborg.   
So, I am going to leave you with this; I don't know who you are, but whatever you're looking for, you should move on from mourning from BVS.  
Whatever the case may be, however the week is going, everyone needs to see this film with a little relaxation time.  It remains our pleasure to offer you that and so much more, because your comfort remains our priority. Until next week stay blessed.

Remi Adeyanju,
Cinema Operations/Film booking
Filmhouse IMAX.
Dr Muiz Banire Street, Off Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive | Lekki Phase 1 | Lagos| Nigeria

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