Saturday, 10 December 2016

The date is one week off, early in December 2016

Dear All,

The date is one week off, early in December 2016.  It is that time of the year again, a time of joy, a time evry woman has penned down as the most important day in their lives since they were 16.  The location is known to few but desperately wanted by many, the event is grand in every sense of the word,  it is….

Their eyes brushed past each other’s, and the look he knew so well was staring out at him from hers.  Words flowed quickly from his heart: 

He began by saying “have i told you lately how much i love you, never wavering for a moment, never thinking of another girl, and i remember how i once told you that I didn’t believe in soul mates, i will never forget your reaction, shocked and a little hurt that I did not think we were, but as time went by, your love made me believe” 

Crying softly she whispered “The feeling hit me the moment we made eye contact, it was so immediate and powerful-far deeper and inexplicably beyond any calculation of time and place, you don’t describe a feeling like that, you can’t replicate it or force it, you just let it flow in and around you, and you go where it takes you”.

This is story of an insecure virgin bride, a reformed playboy groom, two over bearing mothers who can't stand each other, one philandering husband, a high strung wedding planner, the invasion of unruly village gate-crashers, a thief on the loose, a best man with a flash-drive full of secrets, a sexy EX with vengeance on her mind, two loyal bridesmaids ready to go to war, and a brother seeking his father's approval. 

Yes you guessed right!!  FilmOne distribution & EbonyLifeTV presents The Wedding Party.


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